The 2021-22 Topps Bundesliga checklist is out thanks to the addition of a paper product this year. Borussia Dortmund really let Topps down this year by not having any rookies for the hobby to hype. It’s hard to find a lot to like this year as most of the big rookies are also in the UCL Topps checklist so they will have a ton of cards. With that overlap there really has to be a player that is only in Bundesliga but not in UCL to help with the value. Giovanni Reyna, though not needed thanks to Haaland, and Florian Wirtz, though not his true rookie, are a couple players that come to mind that would fit that mold. I don’t currently see a player that is good enough right now to do that, but Vidovic would be my best guess as to who it could be.

Topps also shot themselves in the foot a bit by not putting Paul Wanner (Search on eBay), Iker Bravo (Search on eBay), Zidan Sertdemir (Search on eBay) or Hugo Novoa (Search on eBay). All 4 players are very young and made their debuts in the Bundesliga this year. That was good enough to get them a Topps Now card which you can see in the Search on eBay links. Topps has missed some obvious players before but got saved by the UCL checklist in the past for instance Jamal Musiala last year. By coming out with UCL paper this year we already know that checklist as well and none of those 4 players are in that. Topps will get a few more chances with other Bundesliga products this year but if those guys don’t make it in their Topps Now cards become interesting as the only true rookies like with Florian Wirtz (Search on eBay).

If players are defensive players or are already too old to make waves in the hobby, I don’t give a breakdown. These are no means in any order, but I would say the closer to the top of the list the more likely they are to be hobby relevant. I also don’t have a list of who all got a RC so I am just going based on who I recognize. I will updated with anyone I missed if I see them.

2021-22 Topps Bundesliga Rookies

Sidney Raebiger – 16 y/o Attacking Midfielder – RB Leipzig (Search on eBay)
Sidney is in the Topps Champions League checklist so you can read about him in the 2021-2022 Topps UCL Rookie Breakdown. Being in both checklists means he is going to have a TON of cards and he is likely a few years away from making an impact. He will probably be one of the chases in this weak checklist so his prices may be inflated. If you are a believer you can probably wait a while and then pick up what you like.

Brian Brobbey – 20 y/o Forward (Search on eBay)
Another one in the UCL checklist HERE. He’s not even in the Bundesliga anymore but since his transfer back to Ajax he has been killing it. Definitely the rookie that is performing the best right now in this checklist.

Christopher Scott – 19 y/o Attacking Mid/Forward (Search on eBay)
The Bayern Munich player is another one who is in the UCL check list so you can read about him HERE.

Ilaix Moriba – 20 y/o Central Mid
The Leipzig center mid is in the UCL checklist as well. Was hyped at one point but shouldn’t be anymore. He is another one no longer in the Bundesliga.

Gabriel Vidovic – 18 y/o – Attacking Mid (Search on eBay)
The Bayern Munich midfielder only has a Future Stars card and auto in the set. He made his Bundesliga debut in April but has spent most of the year playing for Bayern Munich II where he has over 20 goals on the season. He will likely get a few more chances not that Bayern has wrapped up the title. It will be hard for him to break into the loaded senior side full time but if he were to get a loan out he could potentially flash.

Amine Adli – 21 y/o Winger (Search on eBay)
The French winger plays for Bayer Leverkusen and in a grasp for hope may get some hype. He’s a solid player but only has 3 goals and 2 assists for a team that scores a lot.

Jesper Lindström – 22 y/o Attacking Mid/Winger (Search on eBay)
The Dane is the second leading scorer for Europa League finalists Eintracht Frankfurt. If he was a few years younger he would be interesting.

Kevin Schade – 20 y/o Winger (Search on eBay)
The German winger plays for Freiburg and has scored 4 goals this season. Out of this checklist he is one of the better rookies to hit though not someone likely to have much hobby relevance in the future.

Jamie Leweling – 21 y/o Forward
The Greuther Fürth forward has scored 5 goals on the season which is second on the team. Greuther Fürth is the worst team in Bundesliga and will be relegated. If he gets a move to a better team maybe he could do something. The odds are long for hobby relevance but I’m grasping at straws in this checklist.

Ömer Beyaz – 18 y/o Attacking Midfielder
The Turkish midfielder plays for Stuttgart after spending his youth at Fenerbahçe. Young enough and at one of the positions where he could make a hobby impact. Has yet to show that type of potential yet.

Janni Serra – 24 y/o Forward
The Arminia Bielefeld forward has only scored 2 goals so far in his first year in the Bundesliga. That doesn’t bode well for him in the hobby.

Bryan Lasme – 23 y/o Winger
Another Arminia Bielefeld player that is pretty old for a rookie and has only scored 2 goals so far this season.

Lasse Günther – 19 y/o Winger
The Augsburg winger played in the Bayern Munich youth system for year and they sent him back to Augsburg which is not a good sign.

Aster Vranckx – 19 y/o Center/Defensive Mid

Armel Bella Kotchap – 20 y/o Defender

Arne Maier – 23 y/o Defensive Mid

Anton Stach – 23 y/o Center Mid

Kouadio Koné – 20 y/o Defensive Mid

Márton Dárdai – 20 y/o Defender

Piero Hincapie – 20 y/o Defender

2021-22 Topps Bundesliga Paper Hobby Box Breakdown

Checklist – HERE
Autos – 1 in Every 5 boxes
Box Makeup – 24 packs 8 cards each
Roughly 3 # cards per box
8 Sparkle cards per box for approx. 1650/card
589 numbered parallels per base card
Roughly 300 of each SP Image Variation
Roughly 35000 of each base card
Roughly 9000 of each Future Star (may matter if Gabriel Vidovic pops off)
3450 total cases
As you saw from the rookie breakdown so far there is not the chase guys there have been in the past Bundesliga boxes. The auto checklist doesn’t have Erling Haaland, Gio Reyna, Florian Wirtz or Moukoko. They have 10 “Duo Cards” but do not have a duo card for Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund which seems strange considering those could have been some cool cards. The good thing about boxes is they are cheap for today’s standards currently selling for around $65 on eBay (Search on eBay) or you can buy from Topps for $75. I would personally rather have 2020-21 Bundesliga Match Attax Chrome boxes (Search on eBay) which are going for about $45 on Ebay. The MA Chrome boxes have way more parallels per box and a better rookie checklist. As always that’s just my opinion and you should collect what you enjoy.

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