2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga is here and that’s about all I can say about that. Check out the review below to see what you can possibly hit.

2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Breakdown


Box Makeup – Hobby (Search On Ebay) – ~6 #’d cards, 1 Auto, 1 Anniversary pack
Print Run – ~3250 hobby cases ~55,000 blaster boxes

SoccerCardsHQ Review – 2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga is here and despite it being the day after release I have still not seen one card posted about it on social media. That may be the biggest indictment on the product in a day and time when we have grown accustomed to seeing big hits posted many days before release. Some of you may not even know this product released until you saw this review posted. There was a time when the Bundesliga was loaded with young talent and their rookie cards. That is not the case this year. You could argue the rookie that had the best season, Maximilian Beier (Search On Ebay), shouldn’t even have a RC as he got one in a 2022-23 Topps product. Outside of him you have 3 rookies that have any sort of hope of ever being hobby relevant as the rest play a position the hobby doesn’t respect, they are too old or in most cases both of those things. Not that I am suggesting you go pick up those 3 rookies but they are Paris Brunner, Julien Duranville and Nacho Ferri. None of them has done anything of note in the Bundesliga but at least they are young attackers. (Update: one of my fine German readers informed me Brajan Gruda (Search On Ebay) is a big chase in Germany. Beckett didn’t have him on the checklist as a rookie.)

To try their best to make this product relevant they brought back Erling Haaland and Jude Bellingham autos. Of course, there are 181 different auto cards in this set, so they won’t be easy to hit. There is even something called Legendary Player Unicum Autographs (Search On Ebay). Since they are blaster exclusives, I have no idea what they are at the time of writing this Based on some of the responses I got when I asked for ideas on social media we could be in for a real treat. Yes, you read all of that right, there are 181 auto cards, there are blasters and there is something called Unicum. Welcome to 2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga folks. Get excited! If you’re looking for positives in the auto checklist, the Triple autos are decent and Xavi Simons (Search On Ebay) has his first traditional hobby autos. The only other ones he has up until this point are the on-card Topps Chrome PSG Premium Set autos.


The real Topps Hail Mary for 2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga was adding cards with diamonds (Search On Ebay) in them! They are hobby exclusives, and you will hit one in roughly 32.5 cases. Only time will tell if these cards are collectible, but we have seen diamonds in cards before, so this isn’t groundbreaking. Topps has also included relic cards this year but they are blaster exclusives. It will be interesting to see if Topps even worried about the potential weight issue with weighing blasters. The Time Travelers insert looks interesting and there are some cool cards in the checklist. That said there will be over 300 of them so going to be tough for them to hold value. Hobby Masters and Let’s Go are short print inserts that we have seen before in other sets. There will be ~135 Hobby Masters (Search On Ebay) and ~50 Let’s Go (Search On Ebay) for each base version. There are Anniversary packs in every box. These contain the 1963 inserts. I doubt there will be much nostalgia for the 1963 Topps baseball design for present day soccer collectors but hey it’s a bonus right?

Topps has listed 2023-24 Topps Chrome Bundesliga hobby boxes for $75 on the US site but €85 Euros (which equals $91 as of now) on the German site. Take that Germans aka the ones that may actually want this product. Take solace Germans, cases are miraculously sold out on the US site but still available on the German site. I don’t know who you sickos are paying $900 for a case of this but just know you can get a case of last year for $350. There are smart sellers on Ebay that have hobby boxes down to $60 already. Usually, the best thing about products like this is they can get you National Redemption packs. We will see if that is the case in Cleveland next month. For the record I do like they there will be blasters on shelves in Germany. The more exposure Europeans have to soccer cards the better. I just wish they weren’t going to be $25-30 so they didn’t leave a bad taste in so many potential new collector’s mouths.

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