2023-24 Topps Museum UEFA is back for another year of giving us what we think we want but apparently don’t. More on that below. Topps has also introduced “Hat Trick Boxes” which are essentially no base boxes with the rest being same as a normal hobby box. Let’s see what else you can expect in this year’s Museum offering.

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2023-24 Topps Museum UEFA Breakdown


Box Makeup – Hobby (Search On Ebay) – 1 # Base, 1 Auto, 1 Patch, 1 Patch Auto
Hat Trick – 3 packs and each pack has 1 Auto, 1 Patch Auto and 1 Hat Trick card or parallel.

Print Run – ~22200 hobby boxes or 1850 hobby cases (12 boxes per case), ~1200 Hat Trick boxes or 300 cases (4 boxes per case). I think these are right with the caveat being the odds don’t add up for all the different subsets. The Hat Trick seems to have confused the odds maker.

SoccerCardsHQ Review – If you have followed Topps Museum UEFA for years you will know that it’s one of those sets that seems like it should get way more hobby love than it does. I seemingly write that every year and nothing really seems to change. 2023-24 Topps Museum UEFA figures to be no different.

This year the base checklist goes up from 75 to 100 cards. All numbered base are /99 and under which is less than the /125 used last year. There are different parallels used this year including a Black Diamond /10 being added. Overall, there are 185 total parallels per base which is much less than last year. The problem is numbered base cards don’t get a ton of value compared to other sets. The numbered parallels just don’t look different enough from base to attract the premium. 2023-24 Topps Museum UEFA is a Champions League only product unlike most new Topps products which are Club Competitions so make sure to look at the checklist to see what teams and players are included.

Autos are the appeal of Museum each year, especially Gold Framed and relic autos. For 2023-24 Topps Museum UEFA brought back most of the classics highlighted by the hobby case hit Gold Framed autos. The big ones being the Legendary Ink Gold Framed on-card autos (Search On Ebay). Of course, we are getting a Lionel Messi on-card in that set. This one is pretty special though as the famous pic from the Champions League Final over United is featured. Know that the Hat Trick boxes do not have any of the Legendary Ink cards. The case hit for Hat Trick is the Framed Autos, which aren’t framed, at all but dual relic autos. If you do enter in a Hat Trick only case break know that there will be a Framed auto of one of Messi, Haaland, Bellingham, Garnacho or Leao. (Update: If you have a Hat Trick unframed auto you can send it to Topps to get it Framed plus you will receive a “Museum Spectacle” auto) There are also sticker Gold Framed autos. These don’t mention that all are serial numbered in the past which is weird. To get the math to work on the Framed Autos being case hits you have to assume there will be some unnumbered. I’ll keep an eye on that. If you are buying loose boxes or into less than a case break just assume you aren’t getting a Gold Framed unless Topps has taken precautions this year that they haven’t in the past to solve the ability to weigh boxes. The on-card auto Marks of Excellence (Search On Ebay) cards that we have seen in other Topps sets this year make an appearance. When I first saw them, I thought they were Museum cards so that is only fitting. Erling Haaland is the big addition to the running checklist of that set. The Rookie Reverence autos (Search On Ebay) are back and yes Lamine Yamal is on the checklist. The Supreme Script Auto Booklets are also back, and all the subjects are legends on both.


The big addition to the auto relic checklist are the 1/1 Legacy Laces (Search On Ebay). Seven of the players have two 1/1 cards which is just Topps having fun with numbers, but I digress. Of course, we have seen laces cards before in Panini products, but they are still nice cards as you can see in the Vini Jr. below. The checklists for the rest of the relic autos are pretty average. There are a couple of highlights but mostly cards that most people will be disappointed in hitting if value is the goal. I guess Topps is saving all the patch auto heat for Dynasty when that finally comes out in 2026…I’m kidding.


There is also one Cristiano Ronaldo The Grail (card 7 in Manchester United) and those will only be in hobby and fall ~1:37 cases. If you see Cristiano Ronaldo broken out into two spots (Madrid and United) just know the United spot only has a base card and The Grail and the Madrid has all the autos. Topps also somehow forgot to put a Cristiano Ronaldo-Lionel Messi dual auto in here so that big chase is gone. 

Every year I am left wondering why Musuem doesn’t get a lot of love. Most of the patches are match or at least player worn while the Panini counterparts like Immaculate or Impeccable are mostly non associated. Topps made that abundantly clear with their back of the card text last year, but it didn’t seem to make much difference. The best I can come to as to why the Panini counterparts are considered more valuable is that Panini charges more for the box. No, that doesn’t mean that Museum is necessarily a great buy for value, but we have seen that Immaculate and Impeccable usually fall after release whereas Museum stays around release price. Cases and boxes were presold on Topps and sold out. I suspect boxes will come out somewhere around the low $300’s and they will probably stay somewhere around there. If you like Museum, then get involved around $300. I don’t think waiting will save you a ton in this case unlike say 2023 Topps Pristine Euros which are already down over 40%. Just remember if you are buying loose boxes on the secondary that in theory they should be less than what cases go for divided by 12 because of the fact that the Framed Auto case hits are probably not going to be in there. That is where a ton of the case value comes from. It rarely plays out like this but that is how I approach it.

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