Topps has the license to the UEFA Euros for the first time. We get our first look at a premium hobby product for the 2024 Euros with the release of 2023-24 Topps Finest Road to UEFA Euro. The makeup of the set mostly follows that of other 2023-24 Topps Finest soccer card sets. Unfortunately, it looks like Topps has run into some issues with getting team licenses which puts a big damper on the release which will be discussed more in the review. Definitely check out the review and checklist before you get involved.

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2023-24 Topps Finest Road to UEFA Euro 2024 Details


Checklist – HERE
Box Makeup – Hobby (Search On Ebay) – 2 Mini Boxes, 6 packs each, 1 auto per mini box, ~3 color per mini box
Print Run – ~2800 cases

Soccer Cards HQ Review – Let’s get the bad out of the way. The 3 betting favorites England, France and Germany as well as the defending champion Italy are all unlicensed so none of their cards will have the team crest. This makes them look like Leaf cards and will surely make them less desirable. Take a look at the Benzema below just to see how ridiculous the unlicensed cards will look. On top of that Kylian Mbappe, Jude Bellingham and Bukayo Saka are some of the players missing from the set entirely. Those are 3 of the more relevant hobby players that will be at Euro 2024. To make up for it Topps made this a dreaded “Road To” set so they could sneak Norway and Georgia in to get Erling Haaland and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia in the set.


With that out of the way let’s get into what did make it into 2023-24 Topps Finest Road to UEFA Euro 2024. The inserts are mostly what was used in the other Finest Sets including Prized Footballers, The Man, Debutants (was called Rookies) and Euro Masters. The only new insert is the Giants Of Europe (Search On Ebay) cards. There are Prized Footballer Fusion case hits as well. All of the inserts except for the Giants Of Europe have auto versions as well. There are Hidden Gems as well.

There are technically no rookie cards in this product. Topps has chosen to go with the term Debutants and use National Debut instead of RC on the cards. Most of these Debutant players have club rookie cards from years previous. Some even have country cards from previous releases as well. In most cases those cards are from Panini and Topps has used this new designation to try and create collectability to a card that probably wouldn’t have much. I have no idea if it will work but if it doesn’t it’s hard to see where the chase is in this set outside of autos.

As for the autos it’s mostly players you have seen before from Topps just this time in country kits. There is nothing wrong with the auto checklist but I can’t find a lot of excitement. I guess if you are a collector of some of the smaller countries that made it into the product you are ecstatic to finally get some of these cards. Just from an overall value standpoint it’s tough to see. There are a couple of dual autos (Search On Ebay) with the biggest being the Erling Haaland / Cristiano Ronaldo combo. There is only one dual auto where both players come from the same country. In a country related product that seems a bit odd to me.


At the end of the day this set seems a bit of a flop in the eyes of many. I have even seen the term Euro Trash used to describe it. It’s hard to see a path to it being collectible down the road. Maybe if Portugal win it then CR7 cards can carry it a bit. 2022-23 Topps Finest UEFA Club Competitions boxes (Search On Ebay) go for less than it looks like these will release at. That makes no sense based on the checklists. If you really want to get involved just wait a little bit and these will drop. There is likely too much for the demand.

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