The 2023-24 Panini soccer card releases are on us led off by 2023-24 Panini Prizm Premier League. If you have been following the site for a while you know I try to do rookie previews each year since they are such a big part of the soccer card hobby. In soccer they are also much more confusing than the other major hobby sports. I will try to keep this article updated throughout the year as Panini releases products from the other major leagues.

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2023-24 Panini Prizm Premier League (EPL) Rookies

I don’t have the list broken out so I may be missing some but here are the ones that will likely have a hobby impact on release. I will update as more is known.

Kobbie Mainoo – Manchester United – Central Midfielder (Search On Ebay)

Kobbie Mainoo has burst on the scene for United this year and helped shore up a midfield that badly needed it. Center Mids don’t usually get a ton of hobby love so you have to be careful with that. To be fair though I have avoided some rookies in the past based on position and it has not been wise as they have moved to more attacking roles. Kobbie plays for United, plus he’s English, so there are plenty of collectors to go around. An even bigger problem for Kobbie’s 2023-24 Prizm prices is that he had a lot of 2022-23 Topps cards (Search On Ebay) last year. I personally like the oldest stuff, but many others see the RC shield and get blinded. It will be interesting to see if that happens with his 2023-24 cards.

Simon Adingra – Brighton & Hove Albion- Winger (Search On Ebay)

Adingra is coming off a MOTM performance in the AFCON Finals where he led Ivory Coast to the title. He will be hot as this is perfect timing for his market. Problem is he has 2022-23 Merlin Chrome rookies (Search On Ebay) last year and his sale since this weekend haven’t been that crazy. An /99 did $25. He plays for Brighton which is not exactly a hobby team so we will see how these Prizm sales go.


Lewis Miley – Newcastle United – Central Midfielder (Search On Ebay)

Lewis Miley seems to be tracking as the highest priced rookie even though like Kobbie he is mostly a Central Midfielder who is not likely to put up stats that the hobby covets. He is 17 and English so he has that going for him from a hobby perspective. He just feels a bit in the mold of say Gavi with even less attack in him and we see how Gavi’s prices have gone since the initial hype wore off.


Ben Doak – Liverpool – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Ben Doak plays a more attacking position which is usually key in the hobby. His problem is he plays for the team at the top of the Premier League which is loaded on the wings. He is not getting enough time to really prove himself. He also is in the Topps releases so he will have a ton of rookies. He is only 18 so he has time but he definitely has some roadblocks to unlock value.

Jhon Duran – Aston Villa – Forward (Search On Ebay)

Jhon Duran is the first forward on the list. His problem is he’s playing behind the player that is leading the Premier League in goals right now so he isn’t getting much time. He does have 2 goals in only 185 EPL minutes so the talent is there. He is a former MLS card so he has short print 2022 MLS Topps Now cards (Search On Ebay). Those don’t have a RC but I would think they would prevent Topps from giving him a RC in Topps products this year. That would help his Panini cards.

Deivid Washington – Chelsea – Forward (Search On Ebay)

Panini should get credit for getting Deivid in considering he only has one game and 10 minutes so far. He is an 18 year old Brazilian Forward so there is a lot to like in that hobby profile. Who knows when he will get enough time to make a hobby impact. The good news is he won’t get a Topps run.

Facundo Buonanotte – Brighton & Hove Albion- Attacking Midfielder/Winger (Search On Ebay)

Facundo is one of the few rookies that got a decent bit of time in the EPL last season. He gets a decent bit of time at Brighton and has scored a couple of goals and an assist. He is Argentinian and has already got a senior callup at 18 so that is promising. Because of that he made it into the 2023 Topps Argentina Fileteado (Search On Ebay) set. He only got a 1st logo on that so he will likely get a RC in the full run of Topps products as well. 

Zeki Amdouni – Burnley- Forward (Search On Ebay)

Zeki is older than the players listed so far but he also the most accomplished so far. He has 4 goals to joint lead Burnley so far this season. He has had 12 goals the last 2 season in the Swiss Super League. Zeki has also the joint leading scorer in the Europa Conference League last year. It’s surprising that didn’t get him a Topps card last year but it is good for his Panini rookies this year since he won’t get any Topps this year.

Lyle Foster – Burnley- Forward (Search On Ebay)

Foster has a similar profile to Amdouni in that his a bit older but he does have 4 goals and 3 assists for Burnley this year. He’s been a known player since his youth and just hasn’t lived up to it yet. He could be a late bloomer.

Wilson Odobert – Burnley – Winger/Attacking Midfielder (Search On Ebay)

Odobert is probably the most hobby promising of the Burnley based on age and what he has done so far. He had 4 goals and 2 assists last year in Ligue 1 playing for Troyes which is a bottom of the table team. He has 3 goals and 1 assist in the EPL this year playing for another bottom of the table team. If Burnley get relegated he could end up in a much better team for his hobby future. The same could be said for a few of the previous Burnley players on the list.

Lewis Dobbin – Everton – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Dobbin has not got much time for Everton this year but he has managed 1 goal in 197 EPL minutes. He recently turned 21 so he needs to get a chance somewhere sooner rather than later to get hobby love.

Luke Harris – Fulham – Attacking Midfielder (Search On Ebay)

Luke Harris is now on loan to Exeter City so we won’t be hearing from him anytime soon. He is still only 18 so he has some time but he needs to get on track. Having his last game for Exeter at defensive midfielder is not a step in the right direction.

Alex Scott – AFC Bournemouth – Midfielder (Search On Ebay)

Alex Scott is another impressive rookie but is considered central/defensive midfielder. He has recently move to a more attacking midfielder role in the last few games for Bournemouth and scored his first goal of the season. That is something to keep an eye on if he starts scoring goals.

Tim Iroegbunam – Aston Villa – Midfielder 

Another promising central midfielder that probably won’t get the benefit of the doubt of players at the bigger clubs. He does seem to be about to get more playing time but I doubt he scores enough for the hobby to care much.

Milos Kerkez – AFC Bournemouth – Defender (Search On Ebay)

If you have been following my Soccer Cards HQ rookie reviews of the past you know for defenders I usually don’t even put a description. The only reason Milos is getting one is because he has one of the highest current TransferMarkt value so I’m sure someone will try to push him. At the end of the day he’s still a defender and they don’t usually get hobby love.

Micky van de Ven – Tottenham – Defender (Search On Ebay)

Micky van de Ven is another defender who will be even more hyped than Kerkez. He is the fastest player in the EPL. He’s so fast I saw a social media post comparing him to Usain Bolt which made me chuckle. Unlike Kerkez this is not his true rookie card. He had those in 2022-23 Topps Tier One Bundesliga (Search On Ebay). That set is pretty short print, it was his only rookies and they still aren’t worth a ton.

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