The 2023-24 soccer card sets are upon us so now we have an idea of some of the 2023-24 Topps UEFA Rookie Cards in this year’s class. This year’s class is clearly highlighted to this point by Lamine Yamal. His prices reflect that. If making money is your only goal, buying the hottest player is not usually the best idea. There are a few players that are flying under the radar right now that do have potential.

If you haven’t read past rookie breakdowns know that I only give details for attacking midfielders, wingers and strikers. Defenders and goalies don’t get enough love right now to worry about their rookies from an investment standpoint. I will add a blurb for a central midfielder for a player that is getting hobby love. Just know that I would guess central midfielders are were more hobby money is lost in prospect more than any positions. This breakdown, like everything on SCHQ, is not meant in anyway to be financial advice. It’s just to give you a better idea on the players since not everyone has time to dig up info on all these players. You will notice a common theme for some of these players is high potential but will need time. If you are trying to do the quick flip game some of these players won’t give you that opportunity and if anything you will likely lose money. Most of these players will also have a ton of rookie cards by the time the release schedule is done so be careful. Here is an article of soccer card rookie prospecting in these higher print run times

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2023-2024 Topps UEFA Rookie Cards

Bailey Rice – Rangers – Defensive Midfielder

Ignacio Miramón – Lille – Defensive Midfielder

Odin Thiago Holn – Lille – Central Midfielder

Riccardo Pagano – Roma – Central Midfielder

Isaac Babadi – PSV Eindhoven – Attacking Midfielder 

Babadi is a Dutch midfielder who just turned 19. In limited time this season he has been playing all over the midfield from attacking to defensive. If he ultimately settles in an attacking role he may get the chance for hobby love.

Chaka Traore – AC Milan (on loan at Palermo) – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Chaka is an Ivorian winger who is currently player in Serie B and not doing much. He’s only in his age 18 season so there is still time for him, but he needs to get going if he wants hobby love.

Natan – Napoli – Defender

Shurandy Sambo – PSV Eindhoven – Defender

Karim Konate – Salzburg – Forward (Search On Ebay)

Karim is an Ivorian forward who just recently turned 20 years old. He’s the first player in the list who has actually produced so far this season. He has 11 goals and 2 assists in 15 starts for Salzburg this season. His eventual move will dictate his future hobby prospects.


Lewis Miley – Newcastle – Central Midfielder (Search On Ebay)

Miley was getting some hobby love as people needed a player to hype in 2023-24 Panini Prizm premier League. That seems to be already fading as in the end he is a center mid. He’s a great young player who likely needs a team or position change to get sustained hobby love.

Fermin Lopez – Barcelona – Central Midfielder (Search On Ebay)

Fermin is a good Barcelona talent who will get some hype but it’s probably unwarranted based on his age and position. He’s a good backup if you have the Barcelona spot but as far as young Barcelona players go, he’s way down on the hobby list.


Paris Brunner – Borussia Dortmund – Forward (Search On Ebay)

Paris is a German striker who just turned 18. That is a pretty good hobby combo which is why he will get hobby hype. he has spent most of the season playing for the BVB U19 team which he has been dominating. That all sounds great. Now for the part that worries me. Old hobby favorite Youssoufa Moukoko is a little over a year older and he actually plays for the senior team and people have mostly given up on him. If Brunner and Moukoko prices were even close to the same I know which I would rather have.

Alan Varela – Porto – Defender

Lamine Yamal – Barcelona – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Yamal is the chase of the product and for good reason. He’s 16 years old and has been a constant for Barcelona this season. he’s an incredible talent. My only worry is that so many Barca hobby darlings have been doomed to injury recently. Remember that not so long ago there was a 16 year old winger for Barcelona who actually scored more than Yamal. His name was Ansu Fati. if Lamine stays healthy his hobby ceiling is high.


Bradley Barcola – PSG – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Barcola is a 21 year old French winger. He hasn’t scored too much this year. Maybe he benefits from Kylian Mbappe leaving PSG but not something I wouldn’t go crazy.

Ethan Mbappe – PSG – Central Midfielder (Search On Ebay)

Speaking of Kylian Mbappe his little brother Ethan is in the set. While he is only playing in his age 16 season he does not play the same position as his older brother. Without a position change he won’t get the hobby love his brother does either.

Bilal Nadir – Marseille – Central Midfielder

Hyunjun Yang – Celtic – Winger/Forward (Search On Ebay)

Yang is a 21 year old South Korean attacker. He hasn’t done much for Celtic this season. Maybe he gets some Korean PC love but hard to see the general hobby getting excited.

Dujon Sterling – Rangers – Defender

Oscar Gloukh – Salzburg – Forward (Search On Ebay)

Gloukh is an Israeli forward who recently turned 20. He has scored less goals than his teammate Karim Konate who is the same age. He was in 2023-24 Topps Finest Euros in an Israel kit which may end up being a preferred card for his collectors if the National Debut doesn’t get dwarfed by the RC in the future.

Carlos Baleba – Brighton – Defensive Midfielder

Amankwah Forson – Salzburg – Central Midfielder

Yann Bisseck – Inter Milan – Defender

Manu Bueno – Sevilla – Central Midfielder

Diego Gonzalez – Lazio – Winger/Forward

Diego has yet to make an appearance for Lazio this season. Even though he’s an attacker he is already 21 so not a lot of hope here unless you’re a Paraguayan collector.

Leo Sauer – Feyenoord – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Leo is a Slovakian winger playing in his age 17 season. He has already scored 2 with 3 assists in only 269 minutes this season. That’s good for a 1.67 G+A/90. He is one to watch if/when he gets a move.

Yankuba Minteh – Feyenoord – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Minteh is a Gambian winger playing in his age 19 season also for Feyenoord. While his G+A/90 isn’t as good as his teammate Sauer, it’s still an impressive .96 in over 1200 minutes. His national team works against him, but the right move could do wonders for him in the hobby. Also Feyenoord is a sneaky value in breaks right now.

Antoni Milambo – Feyenoord – Central Midfielder

Facundo Buonanotte – Brighton – Attacking Midfielder/Winger (Search On Ebay)

Buonanotte is an Argentinian AM playing in the Premier League in his age 18 season after debuting in his age 17 season. Safe to say that is getting him deserved hobby love. He’s one to keep an eye on.

Arsen Zakharyan – Real Sociedad – Midfielder/Winger

Zakharyan finally got his first La Liga goal of the season recently. Other than that there isn’t much to say here. Maybe if Putin decides to start collecting soccer cards he will drive up the price of the Russian.

Angel Alarcon – Barcelona – Winger

Alarcon is a 19 year old winger who has not made an appearance for the senior club this season. He’s got way too many options ahead of him right now. Maybe if he gets a move he will get a chance to shine.

Petar Ratkov – Salzburg – Forward (Search On Ebay)

Ratkov is a 20 year old Serbian forward who has 5 goals on the season. His teammates seem like better hobby prospects at this point.

Leny Yoro – Lille – Defender

Alan Virginius – Lille (on loan at Clermont Foot) – Winger

Virginius has starred for France at the youth levels but has yet to make much of an impact at the senior club level. He’s now 21 so hard to see much hobby love for him coming.

Ben Doak – Liverpool – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Doak is a Scottish winger playing in his age 17 season. He hasn’t got much time for Liverpool but that’s not too worrisome considering his age and position. He’s a decent hobby prospect that may take a couple of years to get hobby love.

Emran Soglo – Marseille – Central Midfielder

Quilindschy Hartman – Feyenoord – Defender

Julien Duranville – Borussia Dortmund – Winger (Search On Ebay)

Duranville is a 17 year old Belgian winger that plays for BVB. That will get him on the hobby radar. Problem is BVB isn’t the hobby prospect playground it used to be as they have signed older players that are blocking and making it much harder for the young hobby prospects to score goals. Julien is young enough, but you will have to be patient.

Bernardo Folha – Porto – Central Midfielder

Jorge Sanchez – Porto – Defender

Vitor Roque – Barcelona – Forward (Search On Ebay)

Vitor is a Brazilian forward playing in his age 18 season. He got a ton of hype in the summer when he signed with Barcelona as you would figure. He has got limited time on this season as he plays behind Robert Lewandowski. He is apparently upset with the amount of playing time. With Lewandowski saying he is coming back to Barcelona next year Vitor may need a loan to get his hobby hype back up.

Now that you are caught up on 2023-24 here is the 2022-23 rookie breakdowns if you want to check out some players from the past.