2021-22 Topps Chrome Bundesliga Details

2021-22 Topps Chrome Bundesliga is here and there is more of it than ever. That is a common theme with soccer card products this year. The product has a bit watered down by so many variations of the same checklist being released in paper form. The fact there is a Lite box of this product is preposterous. Topps did add a couple of rookies that they missed in the paper checklist that are in this product. The paper product has been a flop so far. This being Chrome and having the added rookies should make it a better product but not one I can see the hobby being super excited for on release.

Hobby Box Makeup – ~2.6 color base cards, 1 auto though there have been boxes with 2, 6 base refractors (Search On Ebay)
Lite Box Makeup – ~2.3 color base cards, 4 Gold Raywave refractors, 5 base refractors, 1:20 boxes auto (Search On Ebay)
Print Runs – ~9100 cases, 1,970,000 packs, 2904 # refractor for each base card, ~60,000 base and ~6500 base refractors (without knowing the exact number of hobby and lite boxes this may vary).
Rookie Breakdown – You can read about most of the rookies which were detailed in the paper set review HERE Brian Brobbey did not make this product which hurts a bit as he was one of the few possible rookies that has performed so far. Granted it wasn’t in the Bundesliga. There are 2 rookies only in Chrome that people will likely be chasing, Paul Wanner (Search on eBay) and Zidan Sertdemir (Search on eBay). Also take note that Sidney Raebiger just signed with Greuther F├╝rth so he won’t even be in the Bundesliga next year. That is really going to knock derail his hype train which had got a little ridiculous. As I said in my review he is a good player that you should probably wait on.

SCHQ Review – There is way too much of this printed for what it is. This is where I remind you that there were only 600 cases of 2019-20 Topps Chrome Bundesliga printed. There was about 15 times as much of this year printed. That set has rookies or Erling Haaland and Giovani Reyna. Right now there is nobody in this checklist that comes close to those 2 in terms of hobby excitement. The good news is all of that means this stuff is pretty inexpensive right now. It’s about half the price of what the 201-22 Topps Chrome UEFA boxes are going for. The other good news is that the checklist is only 100 cards compared to Topps Chrome UEFA which is 200.

There are 105 different auto cards in this set which is pretty insane. Haaland, Reyna, Alphonso Davies, Florian Wirtz, Jude Bellingham, Jamal Musiala, Robert Lewandowski and Youssoufa Moukoko are included in addition to a couple of the chase rookies. Be warned though the amount of autos of players you have never heard of will far outweigh those of the ones I listed. Like with the UCL version of Chrome this year, get Hobby if you love autos and get Lite if you like parallels.

This product is not going to cause a ton of excitement at release. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a good product down the road. That will be determined by the rookie and especially Wanner and Sertdemir since they aren’t in paper. Both players could be a couple years away from making a hobby impact so if you aren’t patient they are not someone you should be chasing right now. Brian Brobbey did not make this checklist which is a hit as he is the one player that could’ve been included that has actually done something though it wasn’t in the Bundesliga. With all that said at current prices, $95 Hobby/$55 Lite, (Search On Ebay) much like with UEFA Chrome it comes down to if you like autos to which one you should buy. I wouldn’t say these are screaming bargains by any means but there are much worse value boxes from this year.

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