Our goal here at SoccerCardsHQ is to shine a light on all the great content creators in the soccer card hobby. If we all share and combine our knowledge everyone will be better off for it. Soccer Card podcasts have taken off since the pandemic thanks to the wonderful creators below. It’s great how all these guys live in different places which gives a great worldly view on the hobby

Soccer Card Podcasts

Soccer Cards United – Jason and Enzo are two Irishmen that produce 2 podcasts a week. The main show which comes out on Monday and Post Cards United which comes out on Thursdays. The main show is broken down into two segments. Hobby HQ which is where they discuss the week’s soccer card happenings and the week in football where they break down all the action from the soccer world. Post Cards United is their weekly mailbag show. Not only is the podcast fantastic they also have a wonderful store where you can get great deals on boxes. Check them out now.

Sunday League Investors – Bryan, Bob and Luigi are 3 friends from the Florida though Bryan recently moved to California. Each week they break down all the week’s new and rumors from soccer around the globe. Bryan is very active going to shows so he provides great insight to the different markets around the US. They also provide grading services. Check them out now.

Soccer Cards Rock – Vince is from Australia and provides great insight about not only soccer cards but he deals in tickets as well. He does great interviews with many people from the hobby that you would likely never hear from otherwise. He also puts out a newsletter as well that is a great read. Definitely check out Soccer Cards Rock on Apple and Spotify.

UK Soccer Cards – Adam lives in the UK which is a obviously a hot spot for soccer cards. His weekly podcast range from interviews, up to date soccer news and breakdown to giving a breakdown of the hobby moves he is making and why. He really goes into details on topics that most of us can relate to. You can check out his YouTube vids as well. Check Adam out now.

Soccer Cards & Chill – A weekly podcast from Futera gives us a brands perspective on the hobby. The episodes don’t come out regularly but you can check out the archives for some good past episodes.

Logical Soccer Investing – Daniel is from the Midwest of America where soccer collecting is not that big yet. If digital cards (Topps Kick and Panini FifaTrader) are you thing Daniel is your guy. He is also very analytical with his breakdown of the market which we enjoy. He has not put out podcast lately but is still active on social media so we are hoping he starts making podcasts again. Come back Daniel!

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